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146 Halstead Street, STE 209, Rochester, NY 14610
Sunroom Renovation
Full sunroom renovation in Brighton NY



Sunroom Renovation


Re-framed ceiling for increased height

High-performance windows & doors

Karndean Van Goh flooring

Radical sunroom renovation in Brighton

Our clients in Brighton, NY wanted to turn an unused rear annex into an inviting sunroom. Natural light is so important for human health and happiness, and likewise for our client’s many houseplants. So, to ensure a bright and airy space we began by re-framing the ceiling for increased height and interior space. Next, we installed high-performance windows and sliding doors. Super efficient glazing is essential to sunroom projects, as we want to maximize light while ensuring year-round comfort. Next, we added new electrical throughout to meet code and the client’s expectations. Finally, we laid Karndean Van Goh flooring. Kardean’s luxury vinyl flooring is extremely hard-wearing and family-friendly without compromising on style. Just perfect for a space so closely connected to the outdoors and to house an indoor jungle.

Essential Maintenance

While renovations can offer great returns on investment – not to mention high satisfaction for homeowners – proper home maintenance is essential to preserving and increasing the value of your home.

Adding Value

Moreover, when maintenance work includes replacement windows and doors – with superior alternatives – your renovation is likely to offer a bigger return on investment than many other projects. Not to mention, in our seasonal climate, quality windows and doors just make a lot of sense for comfort and heating costs!

Reclaiming Space

Perhaps the most important aspect of this sunroom renovation is how it allows our clients to make better use of their home based on their unique needs and interests. Rather than a dark, dilapidated rear extension, there is a bright, cozy sunroom suited to family life and indoor gardening.

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