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146 Halstead Street, STE 209, Rochester, NY 14610
Kitchen Renovation
Full kitchen renovation in Pittsford, NY



Kitchen Renovation


Open concept kitchen & dining

Emphasis on natural lighting

High-quality stainless steel appliances

Radical Renovation for a Gorgeous Family Space

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. This was certainly the case for our kitchen renovation in Pittsford, NY. Major demolition was needed in order to meet the goals of a large open concept kitchen and dining area. Therefore, we began by tearing down three rooms, including three interior walls. Then, we built a chic new family kitchen, flooded with natural light.

Packed with luxury features, this kitchen is crafted with top of the line materials that can stand the test of time. For example, hardwood flooring and granite countertops. Moreover, the subway backsplash, wall-mounted double ovens and integrated microwave cabinet ensure a highly functional space. Similarly, the oversized skylight and glass walls with cathedral ceilings included in the design guarantee wonderful natural lighting, even during our long Western NY winters.

Joy Value

While kitchen remodels can increase your home’s value, they also increase your ‘joy value’. Ultimately, a serious renovation is about you and your family’s comfort and enjoyment of your home.

Open Concept

While the open concept trend is in a bit of a decline, when used well homeowners can enjoy all the pros without the cons. For example, the sociability of open concept makes a lot of sense for kitchen and dining areas.

Quality Materials

Choosing great materials ensures the long-lasting quality and value-add of your renovation. For example, hardwood floors continue to show strong return on investment, while offering excellent performance in kitchens.

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