Hungerford Building, 1115 East Main Street #14, Rochester, NY 14609
Garage Addition
New garage bay, hot tub room & rec room in Pittsford, NY



Garage Addition


Vaulted boxed beam ceiling

Stamped concrete & slate wall tiles

Cedar with African mahogany

Custom-made barn doors

Garage Addition Including Hot Tub Room & Rec Room With Luxurious Details & Finishes

We recently had the privilege of building a luxurious garage addition for a client in Pittsford NY. The 750 sq foot addition included a garage bay, hot tub room and rec room. Certainly, the last year has emphasized the importance of making a house a home – you might be spending a lot of time in it! Our clients in Pittsford embraced this idea and commissioned a cozy, custom garage addition for their property.

The rough sawn vaulted boxed beam ceiling shelters a spacious recreational area. The cedar interior is accented in the hot tub room with an African mahogany drink ledge surrounding the hot tub. The hot tub room also features slate wall tile and a stamped concrete floor; that the flooring continues through to the rec room. The space is further tied together with 4 sets of custom-made bar doors. Finally, two self-venting gas heaters ensure the four-season integrity of the addition, no matter the weather.

Home Comfort

Been spending a lot of time at home over 2020-2021? Indeed, we are all learning that making our homes as comfy and accommodating as possible can support our physical and mental health. This addition with integrated chill-out space, fits the bill!

Proper Materials

The use of cedar in this build is a great example of the right materials for the right space. In addition to its aromatic and insect-repelling qualities, cedar doesn’t warp in damp conditions, making is perfect for hot tub rooms and rec areas.

Bespoke Details

Choosing great materials ensures the long-lasting quality and value-add of your renovation. For example, hardwood floors continue to show strong return on investment, while offering excellent performance in kitchens.

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